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I spent most of my childhood watching my grandfather build kites. He took months to construct his desired animals to fly in the air. Prior to that, he was a chief engineer of a ship that sailed the oceans for months and years. He used to tell me that apart from the occasional tale, life on sea was extremely monotonous and he would spend most of his time sketching things he wanted to do after he retired on torn parchment.

When he came home, he would share his ideas and drawings with my grandmother, who was a tailor. She is someone who always listened to ideas. In those times, bespoke tailoring was still very much appreciated. This gradually grew into a relationship in which my grandfather became a pattern-contributor to my grandmother’s bespoke clothing. Once he retired, my grandfather decided to bring this one step further — he wanted to make his patterns and animals fly in the air. He was so determined that in a few years’ time, he was selected to represent Singapore in international tournaments and won numerous trophies. I remember one of his most amazing works — a fifty-metre long dragon that took fourteen months to build.

You might have heard of this quote by Art Williams before –
“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.” Reading through these incredible essays and interviews was quite an experience. Behind all the sprinkles, glitter and gloss, we cannot neglect the blood, sweat and tears. Go ahead and dive yourself in raw, unedited and sometimes controversial opinions. At the end of the day, we all appreciate some heartfelt honesty, don’t we?

Back to my idol. My grandfather used to say –

“If you are not thinking creatively, you are not really thinking.”

Cheers and enjoy the stories.



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Shannon Kyle Lim
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Chua Siang Yee
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Teo Yu Siang
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Clay Kuok
Jesvin Yeo
Ruben Pang

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